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Creating Calm During a Crisis - Wednesday 14 September 
Are you calm in a crisis? How do you manage difficult situations? Join the Resilient Practice Team for an engaging workshop to explore a variety of practical exercises to create peace when you need it most. 
FREE to members.  Book here

How to manage conflict - Wednesday 5 October
How good are you at managing conflict?  Join the resilient practice team to uncover fascinating insights as to how conflict arises and learn innovative, practical tools and techniques for managing it. 
FREE to Members.  Book here

George Swift Lecture with Dame Clare Gerada - Thursday 20 October
We are delighted to welcome our guest speaker and RCGP President, Dame Clare Gerada. Dr Gerada is a registered Medical Practitioner with an understanding of and experience in the provision of general practice, mental health and addiction services.
FREE to Members.  Book here 

How to say no! - Wednesday 16 November 
How effective are you at setting and adhering to healthy boundaries? Join the Resilient Practice Team for an exploration of the common reasons why many of us find it difficult to say “No” and an introduction to practical ways to maintain healthy boundaries.
FREE to Members.  Book here

Winter Ball & RCGP 70th Birthday Celebration - Friday 25 November
The RCGP Wessex Faculty Board would like to invite you to a Winter Ball and RCGP 70th Birthday Celebrations on Friday 25 November 19:00 at The University of Winchester.
FREE to Members.  Book here

How to deal with complaints – Wednesday 18 January 2023
How well do you deal with complaints? How do they influence your practice? How do they impact on your wellbeing? Join the Resilient Practice team for an insightful discussion about the reasons why we are so affected by complaints and learn strategies for processing them in a healthy way.
FREE to Members.  Book here

Compassion verse Empathy - Wednesday 8 March 2023
Are you an empathic doctor? Do you know the difference between empathy and compassion? Join the Resilient Practice team for a lively discussion about how empathy impacts on our wellbeing and clinical practice.
FREE to Members.  Book here

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