Wessex AITs

The Wessex Faculty runs multiple events to help support our Wessex Trainees. These include evening social and educational events and our very popular RCGP accredited exam preparation courses.


We have given the following sub-pages to our Wessex AIT Committee members to provide information to our trainees. 

CSA Preparation Course


The Wessex RCGP CSA 2 day course has been developed over several years to be what we believe is the best preparation course available. We strive to provide you with all the information you need to help you to pass the exam and reach your maximum potential. We are also very proud to be the only RCGP accredited course in the Wessex area. 

  • Undertake role-played cases with professional actors 

  • Opportunities for you to video your consultations with the role players

  • Individual feedback on your performance by RCGP examiners and educational facilitators

  • Multiple cases written by examiners and specialists to give you an accurate portrayal of the CSA exam

  • Introductory sessions by examiners on exam preparation, consultation style, communication and ethics

  • Examiners forum allowing you access to directly ask the examiners questions

  • Every case you undertake will be facilitated with feedback on performance

  • Free copy of 'A Guide to the CSA Series 4' DVD for each delegate.

AKT Preparation Course

The Wessex RCGP 1 day AKT Preparation course has been developed specifically to help you to reach your maximum exam potential. We are the only local accredited course meaning that the RCGP has reviewed the content and given us the opportunity to provide you with all of the information you might need to help you pass. 


  • We use an experienced team of GPs

  • This is a single day event giving you all you need to be able to go ahead and prepare for the exam

  • Material has been developed with your feedback making it relevant and accessible

  • Includes a unique RCGP Mock Exam and individual feedback which you will not see elsewhere

  • Sessions on how to prepare, statistics, all those things you forget to revise and hot topics for the exam

  • Comprehensive statistics presentation and practical session

  • All those things you forget to revise revision pack

  • Comprehensive handouts and documents